Demolition Services

As Keenwood continues to grow, a significant part of our business now includes demolition services.

Safely Transforming Spaces

With expertise in managing soft strip jobs and site supervision, we provide comprehensive demolition solutions for commercial, retail, and domestic properties. Equipped with a waste carriers license, we handle the responsible removal of debris from the site.

Our skilled team can efficiently strip buildings down to their structural elements, encompassing the removal of carpet, flooring, walls, ceilings, furniture, kitchen units, plasterboard, glass, and more. Additionally, we offer labour supply services to companies undertaking physical demolition, ensuring a controlled and secure environment for every project.


Comprehensive Demolition Solutions

Soft Strip Demolition

Our team efficiently manages soft strip demolition projects, ensuring the methodical removal of non-structural elements, making the site ready for further renovations or construction.

Site Management and Supervision

If required, we can take on site management roles during soft strip jobs, ensuring smooth coordination and efficient execution of the project.

Waste Removal and Disposal

With a waste carriers license, we take responsibility for the safe removal and disposal of debris and materials from the site, adhering to environmental regulations and best practices.

Structural Demolition

Our expert team is skilled in taking buildings back to their structural elements, carefully removing all interior elements to leave a clean slate for your future development plans.

Labour Supply for Physical Demolition

For companies undertaking physical demolition, we provide experienced and trained labor teams to work under controlled conditions, ensuring safety and efficiency throughout the process.

Safety and Control

Safety is our utmost priority. Our teams work in a controlled environment, adhering to stringent safety protocols to protect both our workers and the surrounding area. We prioritise methodical planning and execution, minimising risks and ensuring a smooth demolition process.

Versatility in Demolition Services

Whether it’s a commercial, retail, or domestic property, we tailor our demolition services to meet the specific needs of each project. From soft strip jobs to structural demolition, we possess the expertise to handle projects of varying complexities.

Why Choose Keenwood?

We take pride in our expert demolition services that prioritise safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

From waste removal to labor supply, we offer versatile solutions that cater to your unique project requirements.

We confidently manage soft strip jobs and undertake structural demolition, leaving buildings stripped down to their bare structural elements.

Your satisfaction is our priority. Keenwood strives to deliver exceptional customer service and exceed your expectations at every step.

We prioritise risk assessments, method statements, and industry regulations to ensure that your projects are carried out safely and per best UK practices.

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