Shelving Installations

Whether it’s reconfigurations or brand-new installations, our shelving teams deliver tailored solutions for your store.

Customised Solutions for Every Store

We take pride in being experts in installations, providing customised solutions that cater to each store’s unique requirements.

Skill, Expertise and Extensive Experience

Our expertise extends to various types, including perimeter shelving, gondolas, shelves on tills, free-standing shelves, slab ends, promo ends, and everything in between. Our accomplished installers bring their skill and experience to elevate your store’s display and organisation.

We ensure that every project is completed to your utmost satisfaction. With extensive experience in working with diverse store planograms and profiling sheets, our skilled fitters are well-versed in handling hooks, drawers, metal shelves, light boxes, RSB Bars, Piccolo Bars, and other accessories.


Comprehensive Services

New Installations and Modifications

For both modifications to your current fixtures or entirely new shelving installations, our team is well-prepared to manage projects of all sizes and intricacies.

Perimeter Shelving and Gondolas

Our skilled Shelving Installers are experts in fitting perimeter shelving and gondolas, establishing functional and visually appealing display areas that optimise your store’s retail space.

Shelving on Tills and Free-Standing Units

We offer tailored shelving solutions for both till areas and free-standing sections, enhancing storage and display choices while elevating the overall store layout.

Slab Ends and Promo Ends

Our team excels in designing eye-catching slab ends and promo ends that attract customers’ attention to special deals and promotional showcases, boosting sales and foot traffic.

Profile and Planogram Implementation

By collaborating with store-specific planograms and profiling sheets, our fitters ensure precise and smooth shelving installations that align with your brand’s vision and merchandising strategies.

Adaptable Accessories and Fixtures

From hooks and drawers to metal shelves, light boxes, RSB Bars, and Piccolo Bars, our shelving teams adeptly integrate diverse accessories to enhance the utility and aesthetics of your shelving presentations.

Fixture “Dropping” and Rebuilding

At your request, we can efficiently “drop” and rebuild fixtures, allowing for easy relocation or disposal as needed to accommodate store changes.

Why Choose Keenwood?

Your satisfaction is our priority. Keenwood strives to deliver exceptional customer service and exceed your expectations at every step.

We prioritise risk assessments, method statements, and industry regulations to ensure that your projects are carried out safely and per best UK practices.

With a focus on quality, functionality, and aesthetics, we ensure your store’s interiors are optimised to enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

Our shop fitting team is highly skilled, motivated, and committed to delivering exceptional results. We go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.  Our experienced team of professionals can handle any internal element, from shelving to signage and everything in between.

Take Your Store’s Shelving Displays to the Next Level

Contact us today to discuss your shelving requirements and collaborate with a team that delivers excellence in each installation.

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