Survey Work

From solo stores to multi-site roll-outs, our expert teams meticulously assess and gather data, ensuring a thorough understanding of each site’s requirements through survey work.

Comprehensive Survey Work Solutions

At Keenwood, we offer a wide range of survey work services, catering to both solo store installations and multi-site roll-outs.

Our expert survey teams gather key data, ensuring a thorough understanding of each site’s specific requirements. From loading areas and access points to services in the working area and power points, we leave no stone unturned. We encompass equipment to be removed and installed, precise measurements, and other pertinent information vital to the successful execution of the project.

Additionally, we provide “Call Off” exercises, comparing existing layouts to proposed ones, and identifying necessary equipment for the installation team.

Our survey work solutions set the foundation for successful installations.


Comprehensive Survey Services

Single Store and Multi-Site Rollouts

Whether you need survey work for a single store or a larger multi-site rollout, our skilled teams are fully prepared to manage projects of varying sizes and complexities.

Loading Area and Access Assessment

We meticulously assess loading areas and access points, ensuring that our installations proceed efficiently and without hindrance.

Services in the Working Area

Our survey teams thoroughly inspect services available in the working area, making informed decisions about equipment placement and integration.

Power Points and Electrical Requirements

Precise measurements and identification of power points help us plan equipment installations effectively, ensuring seamless operations.

Equipment to Be Removed and Installed

Our comprehensive surveys include a thorough evaluation of the equipment to be removed and the necessary installations, streamlining the entire process.

“Call Off” Exercises for Enhanced Efficiency

We can also carry out “Call Off” Exercises if required. Through “Call Off” exercises, we compare the existing layout to the proposed one, identifying areas for improvement and enhancement. We carefully highlight equipment to be removed, facilitating a clear and efficient transition to the new layout.
Our survey work also includes identifying the equipment required by the installation team to execute the project successfully.

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We prioritise risk assessments, method statements, and industry regulations to ensure that your projects are carried out safely and per best UK practices.

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