Shop Fitting Solutions

At Keenwood we are committed to providing comprehensive shop fitting solutions to transform your store inside out.

We Transform Store Interiors

From the moment customers step inside your store, the atmosphere and layout play a crucial role in creating a positive shopping experience. Our shop fitting solutions encompass every element of the internal store setup, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing environment for both customers and staff.

An Array of Shop Fitting Services Under One Roof

Our expertise extends across a wide range of services, including shelving, gondolas, tills, queue barriers, bespoke furniture, internal signage, flooring repairs, rip-outs, box infills, bakery units, column cladding, perimeter bays, and more. Whether you need a complete store renovation or specific enhancements, our skilled team is equipped to bring your vision to life. With an array of services under one roof, we are your trusted partner for all your shop fitting needs.

Key Shop Fitting Expertise

Our shop fitting expertise covers a wide array of services, each tailored to meet the specific needs of your store. While this service list provides a brief overview of our capabilities, we invite you to talk to us and learn about how we can help with any of your internal shop fitting requirements.

Shelving and Gondolas

Efficient and visually appealing shelving and gondolas are essential for displaying products attractively. We offer a variety of shelving options, tailored to your store’s requirements, ensuring optimal product visibility and accessibility.

Tills and Queue Barriers

Creating a smooth and organised checkout process is vital for customer satisfaction. Our expert team can design and install functional tills and queue barriers that streamline the payment process and maintain order during peak hours.

Bespoke Furniture

Stand out from the crowd with custom-made furniture that reflects your brand’s uniqueness. Our team of skilled craftsmen can create bespoke furniture pieces that elevate your store’s ambience and leave a lasting impression on customers.

Internal Signage

Effective internal signage is crucial for guiding customers to different sections and promoting special offers. We offer a wide range of internal signage solutions, designed to enhance wayfinding and reinforce your brand identity.

Flooring Repairs and Rip-Outs

Damaged flooring can negatively impact the overall aesthetics of your store. Our team can handle flooring repairs and rip-outs, ensuring a fresh and inviting ambiance for your customers.

Box Infills and Column Cladding

Transform unsightly structural elements such as box infills and column cladding into visually appealing features that enhance your store’s overall appeal.

Bakery Units and Perimeter Bays

For stores with bakery sections, we provide functional and visually appealing bakery units. Additionally, our perimeter bays offer versatile display options for various product categories, optimizing space utilisation.

Why Choose Keenwood?

With a focus on quality, functionality, and aesthetics, we ensure your store’s interiors are optimised to enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

At Keenwood we are committed to providing comprehensive shop fitting solutions to transform your store inside out

Our shop fitting team is highly skilled, motivated, and committed to delivering exceptional results. We go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.  Our experienced team of professionals can handle any internal element, from shelving to signage and everything in between.

Your satisfaction is our priority. Keenwood strives to deliver exceptional customer service and exceed your expectations at every step.

We prioritise risk assessments, method statements, and industry regulations to ensure that your projects are carried out safely and per best UK practices.

Partner With a Skilled Team

Let our expertise elevate your stores to new heights of success. Talk to us today to discuss your shop fitting requirements.

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